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Seniors Safe and Sound at CHS Nursing Homes

Residents and patients of Catholic Health Services’ several skilled nursing facilities across Long Island have beat COVID-19. Connie Reed, age 88 and a resident of Good Samaritan Nursing Home, was one of many residents who did so.

“I had the coronavirus, but only had a couple of bad days. A bunch of us were moved to a different section,” says Reed. “Naturally, the nurses needed to separate the patients from the rest of the folks here. But the entire staff worked so hard to take good care of us; the care here is fantastic.”

Staffers say Reed was a big part of the recovery process for others. “She’s truly special and just radiates sunshine,” says Good Samaritan’s Chaplain Francine Poppo. “While Connie and five others were quarantined together, she would do what she could to lift everyone’s spirits. She’s a very reassuring presence, and other residents definitely drew strength from her positive, faith-filled energy and attitude.”

One of the other COVID-19 patients in quarantine in April was Rose Leigh-Manuel, who made headlines for pulling through the crisis at the age of 101. “Rose and I are more than friends; we live together as roommates and we really care about each other,” says Reed.  “Rose may be 101 in years, but you’d never know it. She’s very tuned in and a very lovely person to spend time with.”

The two-week quarantine for the two women ended on Good Friday, April 8. Two days later, they were able to celebrate Easter back in their regular room together. “That was so wonderful,” recalls Reed. “Truly a gift from God.”

“She’s grateful for life’s little gifts,” says Chaplain Poppo. “You’ll find in every nursing facility certain people like Connie, who just provide inspiration with their innate kindness and thankfulness. Rose is that way, too. Both of these ladies are remarkable.”

Life is returning to normal at Good Samaritan Nursing Home and CHS’s other skilled nursing facilities. Residents are able to enjoy creative activities and free time together in their rooms, as well as FaceTime and window visits from family and friends.

“I can’t say enough about the staff here,” says Reed with a big smile. “They are like angels, except you can talk to them.”

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