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Proceeds of the LeadingAge New York Aging Services Heroes Scholarship Fund will support the Foundation for Long Term Care (FLTC) scholarship fund to promote the development of leadership in aging services. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible. FLTC, a 501(c)(3) organization, is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Note: only primary members (organizations providing direct care, housing or services to seniors or other special populations) of LeadingAge New York are eligible to receive scholarships under this scholarship fund. Also note that the registration fee represents only the cost of direct expenses.


LeadingAge New York’s non-profit, mission-driven members, your clients and prospects, have been the true heroes during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, providing selfless care and support to some of New York’s most vulnerable residents. Though they face upheaval, uncertainty and real danger, members remain steadfastly committed to their missions. They continue to provide exceptional service to keep New York’s senior citizens safe and happy through dire and unprecedented circumstances.

Displaying courage, compassion, sacrifice, determination and focus, they face the challenges presented each day. Achieving this monumental task has proven unimaginably more difficult as organizations are asked to repurpose their operations to assist people during COVID-19 recovery, all while facing supply and staff shortages. Staff at all levels continue to work selflessly through the fear of exposure or illness for their residents, themselves and their own families.


Dedicated staff focus on their goals of providing the best outcomes for their residents, work harder and longer, are leaving their families and moving on campus, willingly take on new job roles to pitch in and some are even coming out of retirement to help. They connect residents with family members remotely, provide fellowship and counseling, relieve boredom and hold hands with residents who need comfort. Many even stand in at end of life in the absence of family. They are certainly heroes!


The reality is that our heroes will pay a price for their selflessness. Many will struggle with stress and anxiety, fear, sadness and a longing to return to a normal that may no longer exist. They will crave the company of others with like experiences to take steps needed toward healing and processing the trauma.


The 2020 Annual Conference and Exposition will be held October 21-23 at The Saratoga Hilton and Saratoga Springs City Center in Saratoga Springs, New York, a historic haven for restoration and rejuvenation. To many, the conference will represent the comfort of normal when normal has shifted. The conference getaway will be a time for collegial support and networking, to hear current guidance and information, to participate in thought leadership on the way forward, perhaps to grieve yet celebrate victories together and, most importantly, to decompress and heal.


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